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Attending Your Outpatient Appointment


What Time Should I Arrive For My Appointment?

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment time as you will not be registered/checked-in unless otherwise advised. Please note that early arrival will not mean that you will be seen any earlier and will prolong your waiting time. You will be seen in order of your appointment time and not on a first come first seen basis. Every effort will be made to ensure waiting times are kept to a minimum . In some cases delays will be unavoidable. Patients are prioritised based on clinical needs.

Seating is limited, so please where possible have no more than 1 person accompany you. Wear loose fitting clothes – this will help you to undress more easily if required. If required, a wheelchair is available on request from clinic Reception. When you arrive please check in at the clinic Reception Area of the relevant suite where your appointment letter will be taken from you and you will be registered. Please notify the Clinic Reception Staff of any change of details that have been made since your last visit to the hospital e.g. Change of address, telephone number, GP details etc.


What Do I Bring With Me To My Appointment?

Please bring the following and have ready when you are checking in:

  • Appointment letter
  • Medical Card (if you have one)
  • Your current medication
  • Contact details e.g. You own mobile phone number and next of kin
  • GP name and address
  • If you have an Eye Clinic appointment please bring any prescription glasses and someone with you as you may not be able to drive for a couple of hours post examination if eye drops are required
  • If you had X-Rays or Scans done in another hospital or in a private diagnostic centre, please bring these or any relevant documentation with you when attending your appointment


How To Get The Most From Your Outpatient Appointment

It is very important that you keep note of the following:

  • Ensure that your appointment letter, date & timeis kept in secure place and bring this with you on the day of your appointment.
  • You are requested to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment time as you will not be registered/checked-in unless advised otherwise.
  • Please bring all your medicines. A complete list of your recent prescribed medications should be available from your pharmacist on request should you wish to do so.
  • If you have special needsor require a sign language interpreter please notify the relevant service when you receive the notification of your appointment which will be approximately six weeks before your appointment date. If you require a language interpreter(other than sign language) this will be arranged by the reception staff when you arrive at clinic. Please inform the clinic reception staff as soon as you arrive.
  • Always prepare a list of questionsyou want to discuss with the doctor
  • Take a relative or friend with you as this may make you feel more comfortable. Listen to what your doctor says and if you do not understand do not be afraid to ask for clarification.
  • Write down important points. Check your list at the end of the consultation to make sure you have covered all the points.
  • Don’t be afraid to say how you really feel. At the end of your consultation, the doctor will tell you if you require a further appointment or investigations.
  • Please ensure that you return to the Reception Desk and advise of your care plan ( even if you have been discharged from the clinic).


opd staffaWho You May Meet During Your Appointment

  • The clinic receptionist will book you in and explain what will happen next. Please let the receptionist know if any of your personal details have changed, eg. address/telephone number.
  • A nurse then may call you to do a pre consultation exam which could include any the following: weight, height, blood pressure etc. 
  • You will be seen by a consultant  or a member of their medical team. However, you may be seen by other staff, such as a nurse specialist, Physiotherapist etc.
  • All staff wear an identity badge with their name and job title on it, so you know who they are.
  • If you are unhappy about any aspect of your care, speak to someone in charge of the clinic, who will try to sort things out for you there and then.opd doctors1
  • CUH is a teaching hospital, responsible for training a wide range of health professionals. This means that students, supervised by qualified staff, may be involved in your care. It does not affect the quality of your treatment in any way, but does provide valuable training for the students.
  • Please inform staff if you would prefer not to have  students present during your consultation - it won't affect your care in any way.



Need To Cancel Your Outpatient Appointment?

We would advise you where possible to keep your appointment, however in the event you need to change or cancel your appointment , it is really important that you contact the hospital as soon as possible to reschedule. Please give adequate notice minimum 48 hours, as we may be able to assign your appointment to another person on the waiting list. It is essential that you contact the number given on your appointment letter or the Central Appointments office on (021) 4922660. This line is open from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday.

If you fail to attend (DNA) or cancel (CNA) your appointment without adequate notice you will be removed  from the relevant waiting list, discharged back to your GP and a new referral will be required.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please note it may be some time before another outpatient appointment becomes available.


Why You Should Try To Keep Your Appointment

Blog -  Out Patient Non-Attendances - What Can We Do About This Major Problem?


Service Facilities

There are Coffee Shops and a Canteen available on campus. Please see Visiting The Hospital for further information on what Services are available to you when attending Outpatients at CUH.

Friends Information Desk2Friends Volunteers also operate an Information Desk  for patients and visitors in the Outpatients Department located at the Accident & Emergency Entrance of the hospital. This service normally operates from 09:30am to 12 midday and from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday. Patients are directed from there to their Clinics, to Wards and for various procedures. When needed Volunteers provide escort and other assistance, often for patients who become nervous in the unfamiliar large hospital environment.


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