Keeping In Touch

Ways of keeping in touch with loved ones during COVID-19

We understand how upsetting it is that families and friends of patients cannot visit them while they are ill in hospital at this difficult time. This is in everyone’s best interest. Below are a few ways that you can keep in touch with a patient in our care at the moment.


You’ve Got Mail                                  

You can email a letter to a loved one to this address

Please give patient's full name, ward name if you know it and the first line of the patient's home address.


Contacting the Ward                            

As you can appreciate the ward staff are exceptionally busy at this time and it can be difficult to answer all calls. Therefore, we would ask that you contact the ward between 3-5pm. Staff answering the calls may not be in a position to answer all your questions but will communicate your message to those taking care of your family member. We would ask that only one family member/friend be the designated point of contact.


Virtual Call

If you would like to arrange a virtual (video) call with a family member/friend, please contact the ward and they will do their best to arrange the WebEx call. Please note that these calls need to be pre-arranged. 


Patient’s Personal Belongings  

Dropping off patient laundry/personal belongings

Family or friends can drop off essential patient belongings at the patient property drop-off area. This is located at the main reception. All personal belongings must be in a closed bag and labels will be provided to write the patients name and ward. Essential patient property may include clothes, toiletries and other personal belongings, please do not leave valuables in the bag.

Picking up laundry

If relatives need to collect patient laundry, please call the relevant ward using the public phone next to the CUH main reception.   Please wait at reception and a staff member from the ward will bring the laundry to you.


Hospital Shop Trolley Service

Due to full visiting restrictions being in place, the Hospital Shop is operating a trolley service. The Hospital Shop will accept credit/debit card details over the phone if patients or relatives of patients would like to arrange for items to be delivered on the trolley shop service (9am - 11am).  Please contact 086 - 0220695 if you would like to avail of this service.

Any rooms with no access, items will be dropped to the nurse’s station to deliver directly to the patient.