Paediatric Allergy and immunology service

The immune system gives protection to our body from harmful substances like viruses and bacteria. Allergy is a type of immune response to a substance that is not harmful to most people, we also called this substance allergen. If you have an allergic child, the immune system will trigger an overreaction and treats the allergen as an invader. This produces symptoms that range from mild discomfort to major serious damage.

Allergic disorders, including food and drug allergies, allergic rhinitis is common in childhood.

The Paediatric Allergy service at Cork University Hospital provide primary, secondary, and tertiary services for children across the SSWHG, it is one of the 2 paediatric allergy services in the country.

The clinical team see and treat patient with a wide range of paediatric allergic condition.

  • Allergy Prevention
  • Allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.
  • Food allergy
  • Allergy Rhinitis
  • Drug Allergy (including de labelling antibiotics allergy)
  • Venom Allergy
  • Vaccine Allergy
  • Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
  • Primary and secondary immune deficiencies (in joint management with paediatric immunology team in CHI-Dublin)


Our services

  • Skin allergy Testing (Skin, in vitro)
  • Evaluation for treatment with Subcutaneous, Sublingual, and oral Immunotherapy
  • Evaluation for treatment with Immunomodulatory therapy (monoclonal antibodies, intravenous immunoglobulin- IVIG)
  • Food and drug challenges


Meet our team:


  • Dr Juan Trujillo (Consultant Paediatrician with specialist interest in Allergy)

Nursing team

  • Ciara Tobin (Paediatric Allergy Clinical Nurse Specialist)
  • Sinead Connery (Paediatric Allergy Clinical Nurse Specialist)

General practitioners

  • Dr Anne McKiernan (GP with special interest in allergy)
  • Dr Ann-Marie McGinley (GP with special interest in allergy)
  • Dr Clodagh Buckley (GP with special interest in allergy)

NCHD paediatric allergy team

The service is supported by NCHDs on the higher specialist and basic specialist training schemes of the RCPI, NCHDs in local CUH posts, and specialty and research fellows.


How to access this service

Access to this service is via GP/ Physician referral.

On all referrals, please state the reason for the referral and give results of relevant laboratory/ radiology investigations.

Referrals to the Paediatric allergy service can be made via HealthLink or by writing to:

Paediatric Allergy Service
Cork University Hospital

Medical Secretary contact: 021 4922200

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