Radiology & Imaging

The Department of Radiology incorporates all radiological imaging which includes X-ray, CT, ultrasound, mammography, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, general and Neuro interventional procedures, MRI and PET CT.

The centralization of all cancer services as well as trauma services to CUH has led to an increase in case complexity as well as the need for more diagnostic imaging and interventions.

CUH is one of two national stroke Thrombectomy centres in the Republic of Ireland providing 24/7 access to the Thrombectomy service.

Contact Details:

X-Ray / Nuclear Medicine: 021-4922256

CT: 021-4922479

Ultrasound: 021-4934522

MRI: 021-4934641 / 021-4934640

PET CT: 021-4922346

Our Consultants: