Visiting the Hospital

Routine visiting times: 

  • Visiting is permitted from 2pm – 4pm and 6pm – 8pm, seven days a week.

In the event of an infection outbreak this will be reviewed. 

Keep In touch with Loved ones

We understand how upsetting it is when families and friends of patients cannot visit them. Click here to learn of some other ways you can keep in touch with patients.


Visiting Etiquette & Policies

We welcome visitors to CUH and realise the importance of such visits to the wellbeing of our patient's peace and quiet to rest and recover.  Where children are allowed to visit with relatives or friends, kindly explain the need to respect the rights of the patient's peace and quiet. Children, at all times, must be under direct parental/guardian supervision. Threatening, intimidating, aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.


No Smoking Policy

There is a No Smoking Policy in Cork University Hospital. Relatives and friends are not permitted to smoke within the hospital.  On the 31st of May 2010, Cork University Hospital became a Smoke-Free Campus. This means that smoking will not be permitted anywhere in the Hospital grounds, inside or outside, including doorways, entrances, walkways, roads, car parks, cars, bicycle sheds or bus shelters, This smoke Free Policy will apply to all staff, patients, visitors, contractors and other persons who enter the Hospital grounds for any purpose. A Smoking Cessation service is available to staff and patients who wish to stop smoking. The Smoking Cessation Officer can be contacted in Cork University Hospital at (021) 4922280 and (087) 1219633.


Cards and Gift Policy

Cards and gifts for patients can be sent to the Ward the patient is an in-patient on.  The Cork University Hospital has a policy of No Flowers please.

Infection Prevention & Control - Hand Hygiene

All visitors to CUH should carry out hand hygiene on entering the hospital and,

  • Before and after visiting your relative or friend,
  • Before carrying out tasks, such as helping a relative with their meal or helping them to the toilet,
  • On entering and leaving an isolation area,
  • On leaving the hospital.

How Else Can You, a Visitor, Help Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections?

For infection prevention & control purposes, and to keep patients safe and well, visitors are requested:

  • Not to visit when you are unwell e.g. have a cold, flu, cold sores, diarrhoea and/or vomiting.
  • Not to eat or drink in the ward. Canteen facilities are provided for this purpose.
  • Not to use a patient’s cup or glass.
  • Not to use the patient toilets.
  • Not to sit on a patient’s bed. Use the chairs provided.
  • Not to touch any medical devices, drips or catheters.

  Hand Hygiene - Information for Patients, Relatives and Visitors


Hospital Facilities


The hospital shop is located in the Main Concourse near the Main Reception. The opening hours are 7:30am - 8:30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am – 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

There is also a shop in the CUMH adjacent to the Entrance Foyer. The opening hours are 8:30am – 8:30pm daily.

These shops are operated by a private company and are not run by the Hospital.  

CUH/CUMH Shop Aramark Gift Card Now Available

The Best Gift Idea When You Have No Idea!

*Terms and conditions apply

  • Customers can purchase a gift card with a minimum €10 spend & the recipient can redeem the value against any item available in both CUH/CUMH shops.
  • Gift Card purchased in CUH shop can be redeemed in CUMH shop & vice versa.
  • Gift card are reusable if requested. Money can be loaded time & time again.
  • Monies on the card have to be redeemed against shop items. Any monies left on card cannot be given out at cash value.


As mobile phones can cause life support and diagnostic equipment to malfunction, we ask you not to use your mobile phones in areas where you see signs requesting that your phones be switched off.

Where possible, patients and visitors are encouraged to use the public telephone facilities. These are located on each floor between the wards, on the main concourse, in the Emergency Department waiting area and also in the Out Patients department.


Canteen & Coffee Docs

Coffee Doc Cafes:  Relatives and visitors are welcome to use any of the coffee shop facilities in CUH. There are two Coffee Doc cafes in CUH, located in the Cardiac Renal Centre Atrium and in the Outpatients Department Foyer. 

A Fastnet Café is located next to the Chapel on the main concourse.

Vending Machine:  Available in the Emergency Department adjacent to the Coffee Doc.



The hospital is monitored by CCTV cameras both internally and externally, 24 hours a day. Security Officers manage traffic control and routinely patrol all areas of the buildings and grounds. All security incidents, including items lost or found should be reported to the Security Office.


Local Area Accommodation

A list of B&Bs and hotels in the local areas is available from Main Reception. Accommodation can also be found on most hotel booking sites.