Pre Admission Clinic

Location of the Pre Assessment clinic

The pre assessment clinic is an outpatient clinic and is located on ground floor of the main CUH building.

The clinic is located opposite the X ray department and in the same area as the fracture clinic.

Purpose of the Pre Assessment clinic

The Pre Assessment Clinic will carry out an assessment to make sure that you are fit for an anaesthetic/surgery. The assessment will help to prepare you so that you know what to expect before, during and after your surgery. 

Your surgical team will book either a telephone or a face to face Pre Assessment appointment based on your health, surgical and anaesthetic needs. The Pre Assessment will be carried out before your surgery.

Some patients will be asked to carry out an online pre assessment and a link will be sent to your phone.  Once this assessment is reviewed you will either be booked into a telephone or a face to face pre assessment appointment.  

Attending Your Pre Admission Assessment

Our CUH administrative staff will send you and appointment letter that states what Pre Assessment appointment you have been booked into (either telephone or a face to face appointment).

It is very important that you have your Pre Assessment Appointment in order to proceed with the planned date of surgery.

You will be brought in on the day of surgery through the Surgical Day Ward (previously called DOSA/Day of Surgery Admission). Your nurse in Pre Assessment will give you information on this.

Please contact us on 021 4920307 if you are unable to keep your appointment or need to re-arrange your appointment. Please contact your Surgeon’s secretary if you feel that your procedure is no longer needed. This will allow us to give the appointment to somebody else. 

If you are unsure of your medical or surgical history please contact your GP to get a list of your medical and surgical history and a list of current medications. 

Please arrive on time and with a family member, friend or carer if you need assistance. 

What to bring to your face to face Pre Assessment appointment for admin staff

Upon arrival please check in with our clerical staff in the reception area of Pre assessment. Please bring the following:

  • Medical card and insurance details (if relevant)
  • Contact Information including: next of kin and their contact number, your mobile and home numbers and GP details 


What do we do in Pre Assessment?  

We are a team of administrative staff, nurses, and doctors including Anaesthetic doctors. 

We will assess your general health and fitness level in a face to face or telephone assessment and, to check your suitability for an anaesthetic and surgery. We will ask questions about your general health, past surgeries, past medical history, allergies and medications.

We will give you verbal and written information on a) fasting and preparation instructions before surgery, b) what medications to take or temporarily stop (if relevant to you) c) advice on what you can do to improve your health before surgery (see patient information links) and d) advice on where to go the morning of surgery. Telephone assessment patients will receive this advice via their email or can be posted. 

We will check your height, weight, blood pressure, temperature and pulse at a face to face appointment or on the morning of surgery (if you have a telephone assessment). We may need to organise tests to check on your state of health.

These tests may include: bloods, ECG. You may require further tests before you surgery. Your nurse may carry out body swabs for infection control screening and will explain this to you at your visit.

You may need to be reviewed by an Anaesthetic doctor before your surgery/anaesthetic.

For patients who have a telephone assessment, you will be seen by a doctor on the morning of surgery and if necessary you will have bloods and an ECG taken.

Your nurse will advise female patients to bring in a urine sample (if necessary).

Further tests before your surgery date

It may be necessary for us to arrange further tests before your surgery and your nurse and doctor at Pre Assessment will explain why. 

It may be necessary to see your GP before your surgery to follow up on a newly diagnosed condition or improve an existing medical condition. 

What to bring/have available for your Pre Assessment nurse/doctor

Bring all of your current medication in the original packaging including: tablets, injections, inhalers, vitamins, patches, drops or creams. 

For telephone assessments; have a list of current medication including all tablets, injections, inhalers, vitamins, patches, drops or creams to hand.

You don’t need to fast for your face to face Pre Assessment appointment.  If you have diabetes you may wish to bring a snack with you. 

What Can You Do In Preparation For Your Surgery?  

If you have a current medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease they will need to be controlled before your surgery.  You can also see your GP to discuss your surgery. Please see links to patient information regarding advice on exercise, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol etc


Bowel preparation before surgery:

Your colorectal team will advise you if you need bowel preparation before your surgery; please see the below video for more information.

This video should be used in conjunction with “Your guide to Bowel Surgery at Cork University Hospital”.

Patient Information Leaflets

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