Cancer Care

Cork University Hospital is the only hospital in the State that cares for people with cancer in any part of the body. We have skilled Consultants and advanced Nurses and other professions that are very experienced in seeing patients with a wide variety of cancers. We have diagnostic equipment and testing that will determine what type of cancer a patient has, and specialist services that will offer a range of treatments to suit the particular cancer – these treatments might include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy or a combination of all three. We also have a broad range of professions that see to the various needs of the cancer patients, including therapies, pastoral care, scientists, medical physics experts, etc.

There are several pathways for entry into Cork University Hospital, depending on what symptoms you are displaying. There are rapid access clinics for patients who may have a possible cancer in their lung, breast or prostate. For other possible cancers, you may need to speak with a Consultant Haematologist (e.g. leukaemia), a Consultant Medical Oncologist, or some other medical specialist. Sometimes, patients present with particular symptoms that could be any one of a number of diseases – either through the Emergency Department or the Outpatients route – and these patients may end up following a cancer pathway for treatment.

The staff at Cork University Hospital work really hard to make sure our cancer patients get fast access when they need it. Our staff are also kind, caring and compassionate, to help our patients with their cancer journey.