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Paying Your Bill - Fees & Charges


Patient Accounts Department

Cork University Hospital+353 (0)21 4920964 / +353 (0)21 4920958 / +353 (0)21 4920950
Cork University Maternity Hospital+353 (0)21 4920546 / +353 (0)21 4920642


How Can I Pay My Bill - Payment Methods 

Health Insurance Forms

Please contact: Cork University Hospital Tel: 021 4920954 or 021 4920955  

Cork University Maternity Hospital Tel: 021 4922050 or 021 4922038

By Credit Card/ Laser Card

Cork University Hospital Tel:  -021 4920954, 021 4920955 or 021 4920980

Cork University Maternity Hospital Tel: - 021 4922050 or 021 4922038

Phone line are open from 11am – 1pm and from 2pm – 3pm.


By Cheque, Money Order or Draft

Crossed “A/C Payee” & made payable to Health Service Executive & forward to: 

Patient Accounts Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork

Or Patient Accounts Cork University Maternity Hospital, Wilton, Cork.

Cash PaymentsCash payments can be made at the Patient Accounts Office, CUH

Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm


Where Can I Pay My Bill?

ED (Emergency Department) bills can be paid at the Emergency department or at patient accounts which is located in the Administration building on the hospital campus. 

Inpatient and all other bills can be paid at the patient accounts department which is located in the Administration building on the hospital campus. 


Where Is Patients Accounts Located On Campus?

Patient Accounts is located in the Administration building on the hospital campus. The Administration building is located on the left hand side of the hospital. 

Walking:  Turn left at main gate, keep following the foot path, past the main hospital entrance, you will see the dental hospital on your right, The administration building is the 2nd building on your left. 

Driving:  Turn left at main gate, follow the road past the car park on your right, you will come to a roundabout, The Administration Building is the building over to your left at the roundabout.


Patient Accounts Department Function

The Patient Accounts section at CUH is primarily responsible for the collection of all Statutory Hospital charges as determined by the Department of Health and Children. Charges are subject to change on an annual Basis.

Exemptions to the Statutory In-Patient charge and the A&E / Casualty charge are applicable in certain circumstances as follows:

  • Medical Card holders.
  • Health (amendment) Act Cardholders (HAA Card)
  • Women receiving services in respect of motherhood
  • Children up to the age of six weeks
  • Children referred for treatment from child health clinics and school health examinations
  • Children suffering from prescribed diseases or disabilities (the exemption applies only to treatment for the prescribed condition)
  • Person receiving services in respect of prescribed infectious diseases
  • Persons deemed to be persons with full eligibility by a CEO under Section 45 (7) of the Health Act 1970, for the purpose of the services concerned
  • Long-stay patients who are already being charged under the Health (Charges for In-Patient Services) Regulations 2005.
  • Services provided in accordance with E.U Regulations

Persons who have already paid the maximum 10 days / nights Statutory In-Patient charge over a period of twelve consecutive months in any public hospital.

Road Traffic Accident Charges: 1986 Health Amendment Act

The Department also co-ordinates the collation of hospital information in respect of legal action relating to Road Traffic Acts and the pursuance of the recovery of its costs on foot of settlement of claims reached.


The generation of patient income is an integral part of the annual budgetary requirement at CUH in that the gross funding required by each hospital is reduced by the amount of the income target set by the HSE.

The collection of patient income necessitates identifying the nature of the patient's hospital treatment, length of stay, type of accommodation provided and other relevant personal information required to raise the appropriate hospital charge. The subsequent recording and receipting of monies received as well as the follow-up non-payees is also and essential part of the sections work.

Insurance Company Direct Payment Arrangements:

CUH operates a Direct Payment agreement with VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare and Hibernian Aviva Health. Patient account staff has responsibility for the management of the Direct Payment process which involves the collation of patient's insurance claims to include the patients completed insurance claim form, hospital invoice, Consultant invoice with relevant medical information and invoices from all other Consultants involved in the patients care eg. Radiology, laboratory. The subsequent tracking of submitted claims are key elements in this departments work. Please note it is the patient's responsibility a t all time to verify with their health insurance company if their hospital bills will be honoured.

Patient Entitlement to Hospital Services:

Entitlement to Health Services in Ireland is primarily based on residency and means any person regardless of nationality who is accepted as being ordinarily resident in Ireland is entitled to health services.

Patient accounts staff work closely with Admissions staff, Bed Management and other departments in establishing patient eligibility. The Department has prepared an information guide to Patient Eligibility/Hospital charges applicable in CUH, for the benefit and general public.

Outstanding Debts:

In the matter of unpaid debts, patient accounts liaise with an external debt recovery service to collect monies due and this may occasionally result in legal proceeding being pursued.

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