Postal Address: Admissions Department, Cork University Hospital
Telephone: 021 4922482 / 021 4922480 / 021/4920305
Location: The Admissions Department is located on the main Concourse of Cork University Hospital. Use the main hospital entrance, the Admissions Department is located opposite the Main Reception Desk in the foyer.

The Admissions Department

Admission to Cork University hospital is either pre-arranged or arranged by the Emergency or Out Patient Departments.  For elective admissions, you will either be informed by phone or in writing the date and time of your admission. From time to time, emergencies may delay your own planned admission.  

On arrival to the Admissions Department, please take a number and remain seated until your number is called. Please note: patients for admission to DOSA (Day of Same Admission) will be prioritised.  The Admissions Department will ask you specific questions on admission in order to validate your identification details and to register your admission.


What Documentation Do I Need To Bring With Me For Admission?

Please bring your admission letter, medical card and health insurance details with you. This will help the staff to process your admission registration more efficiently.

When the admission process is complete, the Admission Staff will be happy to give you any assistance you require to arrive at your designated ward.