Plastic Service

We are a regional unit consisting of both physiotherapists and occupational therapists who work together to manage patients with a variety of hand and Plastic Surgery trauma injuries. We aim to help patients through the rehabilitation process and return to optimum function.


The role of the physiotherapist: 

Hand therapy involves

  • Education on surgical procedures, time scales, precautions and answering patients’ questions
  • Exercises to preserve function of joints
  • Scar and Oedema management
  • Functional evaluation of the hand
  • treatment of patients with burns, skin grafts and a wide range of Plastics Surgery trauma interventions


Access to the service:

  • We accept referrals from the specialist hand/Plastics consultants, usually following trauma.
  • Once the patient’s acute protective phase of rehabilitation has been completed we may refer to local therapy departments if indicated.


Recommended resources: