Outpatients GP Referral Information

National Healthlink Project

The National Healthlink Project was established to enable GPs to submit electronic referrals to acute hospital public outpatient clinics for New patient appointments. The electronic referral form allows GPs to provide more relevant information, enabling the consultant to make a more informed decision. This system helps reduce processing times.

The on-line electronic referral form is for New patient referrals only and not for follow up patients, test results, requests for follow up or requests to prioritise existing referrals, it is not to be used for general correspondence to Consultants.

GPs – If you need to send any correspondence to the Consultant outside of requests for New patient appointments please address these to the relevant Consultant’s secretary.

The referrals are submitted via the secure Healthlink Online website. GPs who are registered with The National Healthlink Project have access to the forms. Those not yet registered can contact Healthlink on 01 8825606 or info@healthlink.ie


Specialities Accepting Electronic Referrals

Electronic referrals can be submitted by GPs for the following specialties:

Cardiology, Cardiothoracic

Diabetes, Endocrinology

Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Geriatric Medicine, Hepatology

Maxillo-Facial, Nephrology, Neurology, Neurosurgery


Paediatric Endocrine, Paediatric Medicine, Paediatric Neurology, Paediatric Respiratory

Plastic Surgery, Renal (Submitted under Nephrology), Respiratory, Rheumatology

Urology, Vascular


When Submitting A Referral

To help us deal efficiently with your referral please complete the HIQA OPD Referral Form ensuring the following information is completed:

  • Specialty Required
  • Clinical Priority
  • Date of Referral
  • Full GP & practice details or External Consultant name & External Agency
  • Complete patient demographic data including correct name spelling, address, gender and date of birth, patients maiden name if applicable
  • Patient's contact telephone numbers etc (these are important in instances when we may be able to offer a patient an earlier or cancelled appointment) or to send a text reminder.
  • Reason for Referral
  • All relevant clinical information
  • Information on any relevant pathology or X-ray tests carried out


New Patient Referral Letters & Forms

This referral letter should be addressed by post to:

Central Appointments Office
Cork University Hospital
or alternatively Fax:  021 4234560




Visit Our Specialities to view further referrals guidelines where available


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HIQA Outpatient Referral Form.pdf (size 501.9 KB)


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