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Historic Day for Paediatric Services

A Historic Day for Paediatric Services in the South West!

Yesterday marked a monumental achievement for theHealth Service ExecutiveSouth West.

In partnership with our colleagues at theMercy University Hospital, we have successfully transferred and centralised Acute Paediatric Care within Cork University Hospital. This means a single ED and In-patient Service for Children in the HSE South West is now a reality!
For more information, visit:PAEDS TRANSFER TO CUH

Recommended 30 years ago, this milestone has been reached thanks to the incredible dedication and collaboration of our staff, working together asOneTeamover the past 18 months. With 98% of children's acute care now deliverable locally within the HSE South West, we are poised for even greater advancements.

David Donegan, CUH Group Chief Executive, said: "Now that we've consolidated services, we'll focus on building our new, world-class, Regional Paediatric Acute Care Centre at CUH over the next 3 years (with 82 beds, dedicated children's theatres, and state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities). Enabling works have already commenced. We're incredibly proud of everyone involved in making this a reality for children, their families, and our staff."