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Pre Admission Assessment Unit


Contact Us: 021 4920307 :  Our Location - Find Us  :  Patient Information Leaflets


The Pre-Admission Assessment Clinic has been in operation since 2009. Traditionally patients were admitted to hospital a few days before their operation to arrange for any tests or investigations to be carried out. This often led to a delay in operations or patients being cancelled. Pre Admission Assessment aims to ensure that patients (age 16 and over) are fit for an anaesthetic and planned surgery. 

The purpose of Pre Admission Assessment is to make sure that you are ready for your surgery. The assessment will help to prepare you so that you know what to expect before, during and after your surgery. 

Yours surgery is a planned surgery and attending a Pre Admission Assessment will allow for any investigations and treatments to be carried out well before surgery, which will prevent unnecessary delays and cancellations.


Attending Your Pre Admission Assessment

Why Did You Receive an Appointment To Attend Pre Admission Assessment Clinic (PAAC) in CUH?  

You have arranged with your Surgeon to undergo a procedure. We need to assess your fitness for surgery and an anaesthetic. 

Once you and your Surgeon have decided to arrange a procedure an appointment is booked with at PAAC and you will be sent an appointment letter. This letter will usually include your hospital admission date and your PAAC appointment date. 

Please contact us on 021 4920307 if you are unable to keep your appointment or need to re-arrange your appointment. Please contact your Surgeon’s Secretary if you feel that your procedure is no longer needed. This will allow us to give the appointment to somebody else. 

If possible before you attend your PAAC appointment, write down a list of your past operations and any medical conditions that you have. 

If you are unsure of your medical or surgical history please contact your GP to get a list of your medical and surgical history and a list of current medications. 

Please arrive on time and with a family member, friend or carer if you need assistance. 


What Do We Do in PAAC?  

We are a team of administrative staff, nurses and doctors. 

We will assess your general health and fitness level and see whether it is safe for you to have an anaesthetic and surgery. We may need to organise tests to check on your state of health. Sometimes we may suggest changes to your medication or lifestyle to improve the likelihood of a good outcome from your procedure.


What To Bring to PAAC Appointment – When You Check In With The Clerical Staff at PAAC

  • Medical card and insurance details (if relevant)
  • Contact Information including: Next of kin and their contact number, your mobile and home numbers and GP details 


What To Bring to PAAC Appointment To Help Your PAAC Nurse and Doctor Assess You Safely

Bring all of your current medication in the original packaging including: tablets, injections, inhalers, vitamins, patches, drops or creams. 

It is not necessary to fast for your PAAC appointment.  If you have diabetes you may wish to bring a snack with you. 

Your nursing and medical admission will be completed at PAAC so that you may then be admitted promptly on the morning of surgery 

This will include various questions about your general health, past surgeries, allergies, medications etc. We will check your height, weight, blood pressure, temperature and pulse.  We may need to carry out an ECG (a heart trace) and take blood samples. 

We will give you verbal and written information and advice including; fasting before your surgery, a list of your medications that you be taken on the morning of the operation. 

The nurse will advise whether you need to stop other medications (like blood thinners) a few days before your operation.


Further Tests  

It may be necessary for PAAC to arrange further tests before your surgery and your nurse and doctor at PAAC will explain why. 

It may be necessary to see your GP before your surgery to follow up on a newly diagnosed condition or optimise an existing medical condition. 

It may be necessary to see an Anaesthetist at your PAAC appointment.


What Can You Do In Preparation For Your Surgery?  

If you have a current medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease they will need to be controlled before your surgery.  You can also see your GP to discuss your surgery.

Contact Us: 021 4920307 :  Our Location - Find Us  :  Patient Information Leaflets




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