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Physiotherapy - Ante and Post Natal Women


Chartered physiotherapists specialised in the area of women's health are available for assessment and treatment of pregnancy related conditions before birth and also offer a postnatal continence service following birth. Many conditions that some may consider to be just aches and pains of pregnancy can be very effectively treated by physiotherapy. If you have physical discomfort that is affecting your daily living or sleep, discuss it with your doctor or midwife, who can make a referral for you to be seen by a women's health physiotherapist.

CUMH physiotherapy department specializes in the treatment of women’s health conditions in pregnancy and beyond.

We specialize in:

  • Antenatal musculoskeletal dysfunctions
  • Gynaecology conditions pre and post operative
  • Continence and pelvic floor issues
  • Neonatal musculoskeletal and developmental follow up


Antenatal Classes

We provide classes to assist you and hopefully make life a lot more comfortable during your pregnancy.

Antenatal Musculoskeletal classes- to provide information and advice on managing symphysis pubis dysfunction/ hip pain/ pelvic girdle pain & low back pain in pregnancy.

Many conditions that are considered just aches and pains of pregnancy can be treated successfully with physiotherapy. If you have any difficulties with your back in daily activities like getting out of bed or climbing stairs, you can avail of a one to one session with our women's health physiotherapists who will provide you the required treatment, advice and exercise. Your GP, Consultant or midwife can refer you to be seen.

Acrobat Reader logo  Antenatal leaflets available to download (See end of page):

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pregnancy related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Leaflet, Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain, Positions for an Active Labour 1st Stage, Positions for the Second Stage of Labour.


Post Natal Classes

During your inpatient stay, we provide postnatal ward classes for advice with regard to management post-delivery and post C-section. This is an important class as we are able to pick out patients who require individual physiotherapy treatment for abdomen, back or pelvic floor muscles.

We also provide specialised treatment in perineum traumas post-delivery to strengthen and rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles to prevent further bladder and bowel problems. 

Acrobat Reader logo  Post Natal leaflets available to download (See end of page)

Healthy Bowel Habits

Care for Third- and- Fourth-Degree Perineal tear during Childbirth

Post Natal Care Booklet, Abdominal Scar Massage Booklet, Healthy Bowel Habits to Avoid Constipation, Diatasis of the Rectus Abdominus Muscle


For further information on these classes please contact Support Services Reception – 021 4920567


Gynaecology Issues

Our Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health specialize in the treatment of gynaecology problems like

  • Urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Pelvic floor dysfunctions like prolapse and pelvic floor pain
  • Pre and post operative treatment for gynaecology surgeries such as hysterectomy and repairs for prolapse.

Treatment focuses on life style changes and strengthening and toning of pelvic floor muscles, which is useful before and after surgery. Consult your GP, Consultant or Public Health Nurse for appropriate referral or contact us for further information.


CUMH Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s Health and Continence

  • Liz Barry
  • Jean Dennehy
  • Orla McCarthy
  • Shalini Wiseman


Contact Us

For further information you can call the Physiotherapy Department directly on (021) 4920567


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