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Coming To Hospital

You may be coming to hospital as an outpatient, daypatient or you may have to stay for a few days or longer. This part of our site contains information that hopefully you will find useful and will make your visit to us a bit easier.

fingerprint  What Will Happen When You Are Admitted To Hospital 

When you arrive on the ward a nurse will show you to your bed and tell you where to put your things. Everyone you meet will tell you who they are and what they do. 

The nurse will show you where the nearest toilet is to your bed and other things you might need to know about on the ward. 

They will check all the information they have about you is correct, check your weight and height, your temperature, blood pressure and pulse and see how you are feeling. They might have to do other tests as well.

The nurse will put your name bracelet on your wrist. This has important information on it and must always be on your arm. Do not take it off.

fingerprint  Tests and Procedures

You and your parents or carers will be asked some questions by the nurses and doctors and maybe some of our other healthcare staff. The answers will help make sure you get the right treatment. You can ask any questions you may have. The doctor may want to examine the part of your body that isn't working as it should be. They will then decide decide which tests or procedures you need and will tell you about them.

If you don’t understand anything, ask them to explain it again.

fingerprint  Where You Will Sleep

your bedIf you are coming into hospital for the day you will stay on Seahorse Ward and if you are staying overnight you will stay on Puffin ward. You may have your own room or could be staying in a room with 3-5 other young patients. You will have a small cupboard to pack your personal things in. 

There is a curtain that you can pull around your bed if you want to have some privacy. Beside your bed there is a light and call button in case you need to call a nurse. 

There is a lockable bathroom close to your bed where you can shower. One of your parents or carer can sleep beside you on a reclining chair.

fingerprint  Meals

The food might be a bit different to the food you eat at home but we always try and find something that you like. Every evening you will get a menu so that you can choose what you want for lunch and dinner the following day. 

Breakfast is usually from 8-9am and there is a choice of cereals, toast and yoghurts.

Lunch is at around 12.30pm and dinner is at 4.30pm. 

If you get hungry between meals just tell a nurse and they will try and get you a snack. Your parent or carer can also bring in a few snacks and drinks for you to keep in your cupboard.

Last Modified Date: 23/02/2021 12:28:45