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At CUH we understand how important it is for your child to have their parent or caregiver staying with them when possible. Due to space restrictions we provide a reclining chair for one parent or carer to stay with their child. Brothers or sisters are not allowed to stay in the wards. Depending on the ward you may be sharing with other children and caregivers. Meals are only provided for patients but there are a number of cafés in the hospital in addition to the canteen.


What If I Can’t Stay?

Lots of parents/carers have to work or have other responsibilities at home that mean they are not able to stay with their child in hospital. You can call your child direct and your child’s nurse can help them to phone you so that you can keep in touch.  You can contact the wards as follows:  Puffin: 021/4922206  Seahorse:  021/4922187   Ladybird: 021/4922209  Paediatric Assessment Unit: 021/4922187 

It is important that your child is aware when you are leaving and when you plan to return. They will feel happier and safer when they know what is happening. 


Relative Accommodation

Brú Columbanus is an independent charity that provides "home from home" accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients in any of the Cork Hospitals and the Hospice.  In certain circumstances, eg. if your home is a long distance from the hospital, if your child is very ill, or if there is a prolonged hospital stay, Bru Columbanus provides a bedroom where parents or families can withdraw for rest, or to sleep.  Parents find this resource invaluable.   This is a charitable organisation, for which there is no fixed charge, but contributions if possible are appreciated.   It is run independently of the hospital.  Speak to your nurse who will provide you with information and contact details.


Parent’s Room

parents room2

In order to add to your comfort and hopefully make life a little easier during your stay, there is a parents' room on the ward which you are most welcome to use.   This contains some kitchen units, microwave, fridge, hot and cold water dispensers.     We do not allow infants and children in this room.  

A selection of cereals, tea, coffee, juices, and a small selection of sandwiches is available in this room, and you are welcome to help yourself.   Milk, butter, tea and coffee are also available, and you are welcome to help yourself.  If you notice that any supplies are running low, please advise a member of staff.  Toast and juice is served to parents in the morning.   Unfortunately, with safety in mind, we do not allow hot drinks in patient rooms, and recommend you help yourself to same in the parents' room. 

You are welcome to store a limited supply of your food in fridge.  Please label each food item with your name and date.  And remember to remove it when you are discharged.   

Parents can wash their baby's bottles in the parents' room.  In the interest of your comfort and cleanliness, and the comfort of other users, we appeal to parents to wash up and tidy this room as they go.  Nurses need to concentrate on looking after your baby! 

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