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Before Your Visit To Hospital


You may be coming to hospital as an outpatient, daypatient or you may have to stay for a few days or longer. This part of our site contains information that hopefully you will find useful and will make your visit to us a bit easier.

fingrprint  What To Expect

     You may be coming to Hospital because:

  • You need to have tests or examinations to find out what is wrong
  • You don’t feel well
  • You need to have an operation
  • You have an illness or condition that needs treatment
  • You have had an operation and we want to see how you are 

The staff in the hospital all want one thing – for you to feel better!

Your parents or carer can also tell you why you have to come to hospital.


fingrprint  Outpatient Appointment

You might need to come to the hospital for an appointment in the outpatient’s department. Your parent or carer will get a letter from Cork University hospital telling you what date and time to come. Your parent or carer will come with you to see the doctor or nurse.

fingrprint  Emergency Department

emergency3You might have to visit our Emergency Department if you have had an accident or are very sick and we need to make you better. It can be a busy noise place but you will be in the children’s area where there are toys/books and a television to watch while you are waiting.



The nurse will call you and your parent in to the examination room to find out what the problem is – You can ask any questions you may have. You might have to have some tests and x-rays and they may want to examine the part of your body that isn't working as it should be. The doctor will come and speak to you and your parent to tell what is causing you to feel sick/in pain and what they will do to try and help you get better. If you don’t understand what the doctor is saying you can ask any questions you may have. This may mean that you can go home, or you might have come and stay with us in hospital for a little while.

fingrprint  What To Pack

You are packing for an inpatient stay in hospital and not sure what to bring? Listen below to one of our little patient's top tip!

Here are some further tips for you:

  • PJ’s, dressing gown, slippers
  • Comfortable clothes- It can get very warm in hospital so don’t forget to bring a t-shirt
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairbrush,
  • Books and magazines
  • Card games
  • Mobile phone or tablet to play games on
  • Don’t forget your charger!
  • Your favourite blanket, cuddly toy
  • School work if you are staying longer than a few days- and some pens and paper.

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