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Staff Profile: Jennifer Crowley


jennifer crowley Catering AssistantJennifer Crowley

Catering Assistant


What is your role?

I am a catering assistant, my role entails serving meals to patients on the wards and preparing and assisting the canteen for lunch. 


What does a typical working day look like?

I start at 8am and begin by serving the maternity ward their breakfasts. This is a wonderful part of my day as I enjoy meeting the excited mothers, families and the adorable new little babies. I then return to the canteen to prepare for lunch. This is the busiest part of my day as we serve many people at this time. Within this lunch period; I deliver the meals to the patients in the cardiac and renal wards, the catering department is a team of 100+ people working together to ensure the food is prepared on time for the hospital. Over the course of the day the catering team work efficiently to serve quality food to 800+ people.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

My job satisfaction results from engaging with the patients, hospital staff and members of the public. Every day I am fortunate to meet many different personalities and I enjoy building rapport with them. Patients and staff often look forward to their meal times and I enjoy being in a position to brighten their day. The canteen is often a sanctuary for some when they are dealing with difficult circumstances. There are families and friends visiting sick loved ones, Doctors making hard decisions, Nurses who need a break and Patients who need support. I like to be the smiling face when they need one and a good bit of conversation always helps.


What level of patient care do you have in your role?

The catering department ensures that the patient always takes priority. It is for us to ensure they receive their meals. Meals are designed for the patients to be nutritious and when required individualised to their health needs.


What other members of the healthcare team do you work with?

Each of the departments in CUH lays an essential role in the care of our patients. Often, I am struck by the tireless effort of all the staff who make up each department. The Catering department work closest with the ward nurses, housekeeping and porters. I enjoy catching up with staff from all departments while serving lunch.


My career path to here

Before joining CUH in 2001, I had been working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 15 years working for the Catering department in CUH. I appreciate the CUH had strong links to the community with its involvement in philanthropic endeavours and it is with pride that I represent them in their newly formed choir. 

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