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Project Flow

The staff in Cork University Hospital aim to provide quality acute healthcare services and to positively impact on the lives of those we encounter.

- Hospital Mission




What is Project Flow? - With Dr. Michael O'Connor, Clinical Director of Medicine, CUH

View Youtube video - Introduction by Dr. Michael O'Connor here

In order to achieve our collective mission we need to ensure we efficiently, effectively and safely care for members of the public - starting from the Emergency Department, right through to care received on the wards, until eventual discharge from the hospital. Project Flow aims to clearly identify the processes and systems that are required for safe, timely and effective delivery of care to the people that enter the hospital site. It includes looking more in depth at:

  • each patient’s required length of stay,
  • planning for each patient’s individual discharge,
  • looking at weekday and weekend demand,
  • linking with integrated care programmes in primary and community care services,
  • a visual display of data in the hospital


Why Is It Important?

It is important because it aims to enhance the experience for the patient, who very often feel vulnerable, concerned and frightened. The project will ensure a smoother delivery of service. In addition it aims to receive feedback from our loyal staff about their experiences and their thoughts on the delivery of care in Cork University Hospital.


Who Is Involved In It?

All members of staff in the hospital! Flow is a TEAM SPORT. There is a working group responsible for ensuring Project Flow meets its aims and ultimately enhances the delivery of effective care in the hospital.

people of hse


pf17 education information stand

 How Do I Find Out More About It?

 - Speak to any member of the Unscheduled Care Working Group

 - Email:  Aideen.ORiordan@hse.ie 

 - Check out #pf17cuhand #pf18cuhon Twitter

 - Email updates

 - Website  http://cuh.hse.ie/About-Us/Project Flow


What Do I Need To Do?

We welcome the opinions of all staff on how they think “flow” can be enhanced through the hospital system. Please send any suggestions for improving patient flow to: Aideen.ORiordan@hse.ie  

“Flow is a Team Sport – contact us with your ideas on Aideen.ORiordan@hse.ie  ”


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