Cystic Fibrosis Clinic


The CF clinic and CF ambulatory care services are operated from the Adult CF day centre. This is a designated CF specific facility with five ensuite isolation rooms to examine patients, a CF specific gym, a Multidisciplinary team meeting room, a research office and combined MDT workstations. It is situated adjacent to the diabetic day care centre to facility any CF Related Diabetes matters. 

The centre is open from 8.30 to 6pm Monday to Friday and operates a revolving door walk in service for all aspects of CF care. It is supported on a daily basis by the CF nurse specialists, physiotherapists, dieticians as well as fulltime specialist registrar and consultant cover. During working hours it is the first point of contact for any CF patients requiring emergent or routine medical care at CUH. 

The service runs three standard outpatients clinics on a monthly basis on either Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons. Patients are required to attend quarterly if well and as required if not. This is in keeping with ‘best’ international practice. All patients require annual assessments. These are scheduled for Wednesday mornings. A hospital in the home service (Home IV antibiotic service) is co-ordinated from here also and patients are required to attend during their 14 day course on a few occasions for check blood levels, medical assessments and lung function testing- this is scheduled on an individual basis. Patient education and exercise programs are scheduled also on an individual basis. Where necessary patients who either fail home IVs or are too sick for ambulatory care will be admitted through this clinic to a CF designated en suite single room for their care. Additionally all CF post lung transplant patients from the region attend regularly for ongoing elective and acute assessment, drug levels testing and monitoring. Best practice for CF care includes access to Clinical Trials as part of standard care. All eligible patients attending CUH Adult CF clinic are offered access to a series of trials as part of their treatment. 

Finally a weekly MDT meeting is held on Wednesday mornings where all patients attending the service are discussed and all members of the CF team are updated on clinical issues pertinent to best care.