Care of the Elderly


The physiotherapy service for care of the elderly patients in CUH treats a wide variety of conditions. Patients are treated when acutely unwell on the ward. Once recovered, patients attend the gym to improve mobility, balance and strength so that they can hopefully return home again.


Care of the Elderly Rehabilitation Unit St Finbarr’s Hospital (SFH)

This purpose built unit based in SFH offers specialist rehabilitation to patients following a stroke and to those in the over 65 age group. Patients are referred by the Consultant Geriatrician. Patients are assessed by the physiotherapist and will follow a rehab programme based on their needs. Treatment is aimed at improving strength, balance and physical function.


Day Hospital St Finbarr's Hospital

Patients from the local area are referred to the physiotherapist in the Day Hospital by their Consultant Geriatrician and follow a treatment programme for approx 6-8 weeks. A falls and mobility group is run jointly by the physiotherapist and occupational therapist for people over 65 who have had previous falls or are at risk of falling.