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Theatre Opening Arrangements - Christmas 2017

22 December 2017

Theatre Opening Arrangements Christmas 2017


Cork University Hospital (CUH) is the largest Trauma centre in the country incorporating a very busy Emergency Department. (ED)

As part of the management of the hospital activity and planning for the winter period the Executive Management Board have put in place measures to manage in particular the patient group that present to the Emergency Department and subsequently require surgical procedures. The hospital, as is the norm in all major hospitals, flex activity to ensure that there is capacity to care for the unscheduled care presentations to the hospital.

For the Christmas period 2017 the Executive Management Board agreed to reduce elective surgery to allow for the anticipated surgery in emergency and trauma presentation that will require a surgical procedure. This is based on the learning from the post-Christmas period last year when a very large number of patients presented to the ED of which a large number required a surgical procedure. It was therefore agreed that that the elective operations should not recommence, with the activity that that this brings to the hospital, until Monday 8th of January 2018. It is always prudent to reduce elective non urgent operations to allow for the management of emergency cases in a safe and timely manner.

From Friday 22nd December 2017 until Monday January 8th 2018, five operating theatres will be open:

  • 2 Orthopaedic theatres
  • 1 Plastic Surgery theatre
  • 2 General/Vascular/ Neurosurgery/Cardiothoracic/Maxillofacial/Urology theatres


If there is requirement for extra-emergent theatre capacity during this period then the necessary arrangement will be put in place. This was evident throughout 2017 when an additional 1,000 surgical cases were completed as compared to the number of procedures in 2016.