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Strict Visitor Restrictions in place in CUH

04 January 2018

Visiting restrictions in place at Cork University Hospital due to Flu Presentations.

Strict visitor restrictions have been put in place with immediate effect at Cork University Hospital due to the
number of patients who have presented with flu like symptoms.

In the interest of patient care and in order to restrict the spread of the flu virus within the hospital, it is necessary with immediate effect to ban all visitors to CUH.

In relation to patients in the Intensive Treatment Unit and the Paediatric Ward and at the discretion of the Ward Manager only, it is necessary to restrict visitors to one person per patient. The hospital wishes to remind members of the public that visiting hours are from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and from 6;30pm to 8:30 pm only and are to be strictly adhered to.

We regret any inconvenience caused to patients and relatives by these necessary measures, which are being taken in the interests of patient care.

All infection control measures are in place and every effort is being made to manage and contain the spread of the flu virus.

People with flu like symptoms are advised to contact their GP by phone in the first instance and avoid presenting
at the Emergency Department at CUH.