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National Photo-triage pilot for Infantile Haemangiomas wins Rogers Prize

11 January 2018

National Photo-triage pilot for Infantile Haemangiomas wins Rogers Prize for Best Presentation at Irish Association of Dermatologists Meeting


National Photo-triage pilot award

Dr Aoibheann Flynn (Specialist Registrar in Dermatology) presenting of behalf of Dr Michelle Murphy (Consultant Dermatologist) and the Dermatology Department, Cork University Hospital & SIVUH was awarded the Rogers Prize for her presentation on a National Photo-triage pilot for infantile haemangiomas.


The discovery in 2008 of propranolol as an effective treatment for haemangiomas of infancy (IH) has been one of the success stories of paediatric dermatology. IH mainly develop between 4 weeks and 3 months of age. There is evidence now that a period of accelerated growth occurs between 5.5 and 7.5 weeks of life and that those treated earlier have more favorable outcomes.

Thus, early haemangiomas need to be recognized more promptly, and infants with high-risk haemangiomas should be referred to specialists urgently for either initiation of treatment or close clinical observation. Untreated IH may result in visual loss, airway compromise or avoidable facial deformities.

In an era of prolonged waiting lists and unprecedented pressures on general practice, consultant dermatologists need to have mechanisms in place for urgent evaluation of infants with high-risk IH, and a triage system for reviewing clinical photographs to determine what is high risk and to optimise timing of consultation and management. 

The aim of this project is to provide a fast-track approach for general practitioners to send an anonymised photograph of the haemangioma together with the child’s date of birth via Healthmail to a paediatric dermatologist who will review the photograph within 5 working days and contact the general practitioner via phone or email with a clear referral pathway dependent on the geographical location of the patient. The reviewing dermatologist will also contact their counterpart paediatric dermatologist in the relevant geographical location to alert them to the expected referral and pass on any relevant information. The outcomes of the referrals are collated and documented. The process will be reviewed at regular intervals. 

The pilot and email address are advertised to health professionals via HSE communications, ICGP and general publicity. 

Email address:

Coordinator: Dr Michelle Murphy

              National Photo-triage pilot award 1

Infantile haemangioma of eyelid: pretreatment and 14 days following commencement of treatment.

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