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National Patient Experience Survey

11 January 2018

The National Report and the Cork University Hospital Report are available to view and download at:

national patient experience surveyThe National Patient Experience Survey is a new national survey, asking people for feedback on their recent stay in a public acute hospital. This survey will run on an annual basis and is a partnership between the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health.

The survey was developed with the involvement of Patient Focus, a patient advocacy organisation, in order to ensure that patients were central to the design and execution of the survey. Nationally, 26,635 people were invited to participate in the first National Patient Experience Survey in 2017. In total, 13,706 people took part. The results outlined in this report reflect the experiences of patients who were discharged from Cork University Hospital during the month of May 2017. In total, 901 participants from CUH took part in the survey.

The National Patient Experience Survey values and seeks to represent the patient voice. The survey acknowledges both positive and negative experiences, as told by the 901 people from CUH. While many people said that they had a very good experience of acute hospital care, it is important also to listen to those people who identified areas for improvement.

Thank you to all the patients who participated in the survey and to the staff who made this possible.