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Further Move Towards New Children’s Unit

28 September 2015


The paediatric ward at Cork University Hospital has moved into a newly-built bright and spacious modular unit while the existing department is being refurbished and extended to create a new ultra-modern facility.

RoanKabin, Ireland’s leading supplier of modular buildings, has completed a full design and build contract for a one-storey modular building at Cork University Hospital. This facility is currently being used to accommodate the paediatric department’s day procedures ward, assessment unit and some inpatients while the existing department is being refurbished and extended. On completion, this new modular build will be used to accommodate other facilities as part of ongoing development in the hospital.

The paediatric unit has 51 beds including six wards each holding six beds, and a further 15 single bedrooms with ensuite facilities. It also houses a family room complete with couches, kitchen and shower facilities. The unit also includes a cutting-edge distribution system whereby doctors and nurses can place diagnostic samples (blood and urine) into a central tube and the samples are circulated immediately to the laboratory reception to be tested.

We were delighted to be awarded this contract from Cork University Hospital. RoanKabin was conscious that patients and busy staff would be on-site during the entire construction phase, so the building had to go in quickly and without disturbing day- to-day operations at the hospital. RoanKabin has delivered a high quality, permanent modular facility in a short period of time that will service the needs of both patients and doctors at the hospital for years to come.”

Matthew Goff, Operations Director, RoanKabin

We are very happy with the new unit. With limited space and a requirement to keep noise and traffic disruption to a minimum, a modular building was the ideal solution for the high-tech unit to be put in place while the existing paediatric department is being refurbished and extended. Our patients and staff were not disturbed during the build, which was a key reason we went with a modular off-site build, in that 80% of the construction down to first fixes was completed off the hospital campus and it was then placed on top of our outpatients department.”

Tony McNamara, CEO, Cork University Hospital Group

Our staff are delighted with the bright, spacious facilities that the unit provides, which incorporates a homely design for our patients and their families with children’s artwork lining the snow-white corridors. We were able to move right in with our existing furniture and equipment and we will be able to move back out and let the building to the next department moving in. It was like a seamless jigsaw coming together. The CUH Paediatric department has 20,000 outpatient and day attendances yearly with 6,000 inpatient admissions.”

Assistant Director of Nursing, Helen Cahalane

CUH commissioned RoanKabin to design and build the facility following a public tender process. The contract was worth €3.4m. Throughout construction, RoanKabin adhered to national guidelines to control the spread of dust to adjacent hospital buildings to protect patients, staff and visitors. 

The building is located on top of the hospital outpatients department within a courtyard with limited road access. Modular buildings provide the ideal solution in these scenarios as they are built to the highest building regulations and standards and come with a standard 60 year structural warranty. Construction took place off site and from start to finish took just 26 weeks.

Offsite Construction

In order to keep site construction time to a minimal, RoanKabin completed 80% of the works required offsite. Any works completed onsite were planned in advance and co-ordinated in order to minimise any disturbance to the hospital environment which surrounded the building site.

Design features on the building ensure that both the air tightness and the DB sound rating exceed current building regulations. A 55DB sound rating provides an environment where patients have minimal noise disruption while in hospitals. The building has a BER rating of B2, reducing future heating costs for the hospital.

Other construction features include a number of link corridors for easy access to the existing hospital and a faux brick exterior to seamlessly match the existing brick façade.

Baby Sean in new modular childrens ward Cork University Hospital

Above, Baby Séan O’Sullivan from Macroom recovering from meningitis at the new modular unit at Cork University Hospital, pictured from left, Nurse Deirdre White, Declan Duignan Roankabin and Nurse Sophie Carlin

Toddler Hugh in new modular childrens ward Cork University Hospital

Above, Baby Hugh McCarthy from Kenmare who has a respiratory condition enjoying the new modular unit at Cork University Hospital, pictured from left, Declan Duignan Roankabin, Hugh McCarthy and Consultant Paediatrician Dr David Mullane

Toddler James in new modular childrens ward Cork University Hospital

Above, Toddler  James Moroney from Rochestown, Cork who is being treated following seizures at the new modular unit at Cork University Hospital, pictured from left James Moroney, clinical nurse manager Marie Watson and Declan Duignan Roankabin