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CUH MRI Centre

30 June 2015


Contact details for the New CUH MRI Centre

Phone: 021 – 4234641 / Ext: 34641

Fax: 021 – 423 4647  Email:

Cork University Hospital together with our operating partners Alliance Medical and CUH Radiology is pleased to announce the opening of the new MRI Centre. We also wish to acknowledge the contribution from our academic partners UCC in this exciting project. 

The new MRI centre will commence on 29th June 2015 for inpatients only for the first two days leading to full service on Wednesday the 1st July 2015. The centre will provide a substantial increase of MRI capacity within Cork University Hospital and will deliver MRI scanning from a 1.5Tesla GE wide bore scanner and a 3Tesla GE wide bore scanner.


Opening Hours 

Opening hours will be 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturday. There will be an on call service for a limited category of patients referred from the Neurosurgical service as is currently in place.


Location / Access

The new MRI centre will be located above the PET/CT department.

Internal access – to the department will be via new link corridor to AMAU/MSSU unit.

External access – to the department will be via new side door entrance to the centre where the PETCT main entrance is currently in the building between ambulance bay in ED and the current Adult Mental Health Unit.



All Inpatient referrals should be referred directly to the CUH MRI Centre from Monday the 29th June 2015. 

Outpatient referrals should be sent directly to the MRI Centre from Monday the 29th June 2015.

Referral forms will be available from the MRI Centre and will be accepted without the administrative need to contact Medical Records for a Purchase Order in advance as was the previous process.

External referrals from Hospitals outside of the CUH Group - Order numbers will continue to be required for All referrals, referrals without an order number will not be accepted. 

The PETCT Centre will continue to operate as it does presently.