Keep Private Practice in Public Hospitals

Nov 2, 2018 - J. A. McNamara

The proposal in the Slaintecare Report to incrementally take private practice out of public hospitals needs to be very carefully considered and debated to avoid unintended consequences that could lead to a destabilisation of the Irish hospital system.

Collaboration with the Christie Cancer Centre Manchester - A Stimulus for Change in Radiation Oncology Services

Oct 16, 2018 - J. A. McNamara

The Government has decided to invest over 40m Euro in the development of Radiation Oncology services in Cork University Hospital (the hospital)) as a key strategic intervention to enhance the delivery of cancer care in the South of Ireland.

Innovations in Cardio Thoracic Surgery in Cork University Hospital

Aug 1, 2018 - J. A. McNamara

The Cardio Thoracic Service in Cork University Hospital is on of four adult cardiac centres in Ireland which currently employs three Consultant Surgeons and their teams.

Facing Africa

Jun 15, 2018 - J. A. McNamara

Tombuki is a 35 year old man who lives in a remote area in Northern Ethiopia and suffers from a condition called Noma - a devastating condition that results from an untreated oral infection that leaves horrific facial deformity.

Quality Improvement in Patient Care at Cork University Hospital

May 10, 2018 - J. A. McNamara

The Irish hospital system has, in the first quarter of this year, experienced possibly the most challenging circumstances in recent times, with a combination of flu viruses and adverse weather conditions adding to the increased demands that are a feature of hospitals at this time of year.