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#EndPJparalysis - CUH supports #endPJparalysis 

Patient Information Leaflet

EndPJparalysis Poster

staff initiative to endpjparalysis

Staff on Ward 3B highlighting the importance of the #endpjparalysis campaign for patients to Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Moving to aid recovery


How Do We Achieve These Objectives? - Initiatives and Quality Improvement Projects

These objectives are clearly depended on a number of clear actions and work streams-a lot of attention has been brought to this plan and will remain the focus. The key elements are: 


  • Focus on those patients staying >14 day cohort-Overall 10% of our admissions stay over 14 days, their average Length of stay is 33 days and they occupy 52% of all available bed days for the year (102,000 bed Days per year)-this is already yielding dividends and target is to reduce bed days used by this group by 10% over 10 months (1% per month)


  • Implement new White Boards-in place from June 2017-this identifies and allows action on of blocks to patient flow


  • Redevelop 2A as acute beds to deliver 30 beds back in to acute bed stock 


  • Develop 50 Step Down beds outside Cork University Hospital for patients that do not require inpatient care in CUH and are not ready to return home 


  • Acute Surgical Assessment Unit and Emergency Surgical team (in place) 


  • Work on Ambulatory pathways to provide safe assessment and treatment for those that don’t necessarily need admission (VTE, Chest pain; Frail Older person, OPAT)


  • Improve Orthopaedic Pathway to enable patients requiring surgery for trauma to be operated on same day


  • Develop role of three flow coordinators that support teams in accessing diagnostics and identify and action impediments to patient flow


  • Purpose Geographical Operational Hub


 “Flow is a Team Sport – contact us with your ideas on


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