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Balanced Score Card 

The Balanced Score Card is an approach to strategic performance measurement and management that is designed to improve overall organisational performance by linking service delivery to the organisation’s strategic priorities. 

CUH has been actively utilising the present Balance Score Card as a reporting mechanism to the hospital Executive Management Board and have adjust the Score Card to reflect the 2016 key reporting metrics. It is imperative that the score card is reflective not only of the requirements of the Accountability Framework but also the requirements identified in the Quality and Patient Safety Programme which seeks to ensure that quality and patient safety remain at the core of service delivery.

Cork University Hospital Balanced Score Card looks at performance in four ways -

  1. Access to services
  2. The quality and safety of those services
  3. Financial resources expended to provide services
  4. Workforce and Human Resources


balanced scorecard


CUH Balanced Scorecard September 2017

CUH Balanced Scorecard August 2017

CUH Balanced Scorecard June 2017

CUH Balanced Scorecard March 2017

CUH Balanced Scorecard February 2017

CUH Balanced Scorecard September 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard July 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard May 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard April 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard March 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard February 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard January 2016

CUH Balanced Scorecard December 2015

CUH Balanced Scorecard October 2015

CUH Balanced Scorecard September 2015

CUH Balanced Scorecard August 2015

CUH Balanced Scorecard July 2015


CUHG Quality Improvement Plans - HIQA

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is the independent Authority established to drive high quality and safe care for people using our health and social care services. HIQA’s role is to promote sustainable improvements, safeguard people using health and social care services, support informed decisions on how services are delivered, and promote person-centred care for the benefit of the public.

quality performance report

CUH Quality Improvement Plan May 2016

Mallow General Hospital Quality Improvement Plan – Infection Prevention and Control 2016

CUH Hygiene Quality Improvement Plan April 2015


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