Waste Management and Recycling


Cork University Hospital Campus is dedicated to reducing its waste to landfill and incineration, by avoiding or minimizing waste occurrence and through its recycling and waste management programme.


waste collector


There are four broad streams of waste produced on the hospital campus. These include:


General Waste

  • Items that cannot be recycled and are disposed as landfill


landfill waste


Recycle Waste  Programme

  • Mixed Dry Recycling
  • Mixed Packaging Cardboard
  • Mixed Glass Recycling
  • Mixed  Ceramics Recycling
  • Confidential Waste shredding
  • Metal  recycling
  • Biodegradable and Organic Waste include formula milk
  • Residual bulk items not suitable for compaction.
  • Vegetable Oil Recycling


mixed recycling_


Hazardous Waste

  • Chemicals
  • Batteries – recycling 
  • Fluorescent lights tubes  – recycling
  • WEEE IT equipment and electrical equipment –recycling
  • Mobile phones - recycling


Healthcare Risk Waste (HCRW)

  • Soft yellow bags of blood stained wastes including dressings from patients with know / suspected pathogens. Sent for disinfection by sterilization. 
  • Yellow lidded rigid sharps bins/ boxes for needles, lancets, suture removers & other sharps. Sent for disinfection by sterilization. 
  • Yellow lidded rigid bins for small volumes of free fluid, blood and body substances, pathology laboratory waste.  Sent for disinfection by sterilization
  • Black lidded rigid bins for anatomical body parts. Sent for incineration 


heatlhcare risk waste


Special HCRW Waste- cytotoxic waste; pathology, drugs

  • Purple lidded rigid bins and purple lidded rigid sharp boxes for cytotoxic materials and pharmaceuticals. Sent for incineration

Special HCRW Placentas


food waste


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