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In April 2013 Cork University Hospital established it’s Sustainable Healthcare Steering Group to oversee the direction, management and monitoring of the sustainable healthcare and living programme within the hospital. The group provides a forum for discussion of general environmental issues with particular emphasis on changing behaviour for better environmental stewardship in addition to improve energy and water efficiency and waste reduction.

The primary goals of the Steering Group are to;

  • Reduce energy and water costs, and waste disposal costs at Cork University Hospital
  • Implement the National Energy Efficiency Plan & HSE Towards a Sustainable Health Service plan by reducing energy consumption by 10% in 2013 with an overall goal of 33% improvement in energy efficiency by 2020
  • Advise on the direction, coordination and implementation of HSE Sustainability Management Strategies 2013 to 2017 across Cork University Hospital campus
  • Monitor progress and ensure adherence to local and HSE Sustainability Management Strategies, targets and objectives
  • Achieve national/ international recognition as a sustainable healthcare organization

The details of the Steering Group members can be viewed here.

Green Advocate Network

A Green Advocate network has been established in CUH in order to bring our sustainability messages ‘to the masses’! A Green Advocate within each ward / department plays a key role in the Cork University Hospital Group achieving a sustainable campus.

The role of the Green Advocate is about:

  • actively promoting Cork University Hospital Group Sustainable Environment initiatives to staff
  • maintaining own awareness about Sustainable Environment issues around the hospital
  • acting as a communication channel between staff and the Green Team / Steering Group and Sustainable Environment Officer, so that we can develop initiatives and resolve concerns and
  • raising staff awareness about the impact of their workplace upon the environment by reducing our carbon foot print, our energy consumption and associated costs, conserve water and mage our waste correctly
  • providing staff with the tools to improve and minimise their environmental impact
  • facilitating and supporting staff in creating their own Sustainable Environment opportunities for improvement and initiatives

Area Green Teams

There are green teams in geographical or specialty areas working  to communicate, raise environmental issues, develop action plans for efficient energy  usage / reduction and waste management in their respective areas. They are  implement identified sustainable initiatives.

·        Meetings with agendas will be arranged as needed with the team leader.

·        A record of the meeting, action plans will be distributed subsequently.

·        There are several active Green Teams in CUH campus.


Cork University Hospital Campus Green Teams / Contacts
AreaContact Name
Cork University Maternity Hospital TeamJane O Connor
Dialysis  ContactJoanne Lyons
Catering Department TeamAoife Coughlan 
Laboratory’s TeamSinead O Sullivan
CUH Main Block ContactEimear Foley
CUH FM Radio TeamGerry Newman
Main Theatre ComplexTeresa Wall


Interested In Forming a Green Team?

If you and some colleagues are interested in forming a green team in your work area discuss with your line manager and contact CUH.SustainableEnv@hse.ie


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